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The Techbed is quite simply the best iPad and Kindle cushion on the market.

The Techbed is a genius stand, cushion, pillow, call it what you will, for all iPads, Tablets, Samsung Galaxy and all e-book readers as well as the good old-fashioned book.

Luxury, top grade upholstery fabrics

The Techbed is great for children always on their phones or tablets as it helps with their seated posture and helps prevent ‘iPad neck’.

Also great for people with arthritis, RSI or suffer with sore joints from holding a device or book for any length of time.

Handmade in Wokingham, Berkshire

Use your Techbed for:

    • Internet surfing
    • Skyping
    • Facetiming
    • Movie watching
    • Reading
    • Gaming
    • In fact anything that you want to use your tablet device for.

No more pillow mountains or collapsing stands.



Mini, Maxi, Standard Techbed

Three sizes: L to R:
Techbed Mini, Techbed Maxi, Techbed

Techbed Dimensions

Techbed Dimensions










We have designed this range for use with all Kindles, iPads, smartphones and books.

Rest your Techbed on the arm of a chair or curl up in bed and keep your tablet balanced and secure – no slipping and sliding.

It’s uses are endless: from reading to watching movies, using it as a foot-rest, as a pillow on an aircraft. A friend of ours is a car mechanic and he uses his as a head-rest when working under cars!

We use the same top grade upholstery fabrics as the big beanbags to ensure a hard-wearing but soft feel finish. It is machine washable at 30 degrees so it is practical too. 

As with our furniture beanbags, we guarantee our work for a year, including top-up beans if needed. 

They are all handmade so the dimensions illustrated may vary +/- 1cm & 5g.

For Businesses

This product makes a superb corporate gift for your customers. Replace our Edge Beanbags logo with your logo to promote your business. Visit our corporate page or contact us to discuss logos or personalisation. 




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Jasmine, Beige Mink, Jet Black, Merlot Red, Navy Blue, Slate Dark Grey, Gunmetal Light Grey, Sky Blue, Lilac Dusk, Amethyst Purple, Terracotta Orange, Carnation Pink, Teal, Sage Green, Turquoise, Persian White (Faux Fur), Black (Faux Fur), Persian Blue (Faux Fur), Arctic Fox (Faux Fur), Olive Green (Real Leather), Rust (Real Leather), Tan (Real Leather)

2 reviews for Techbed

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is brilliant! It’s such a simple idea, but so effective – why hasn’t anyone thought of this before. Everyone who has a tablet should definitely buy one of these for themselves, their family and their friends. It’s also great for those less “techie” folks who like to read paper books.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Fantastic !! I Wish i had got one ages ago ,i use my iPad for business ,doing invoices and quotes and this has made my iPad so much more usable ,will defiantly be getting some more for christmas pressies .

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